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On antique mission

German EPIC SPEED METAL newcomers SKULLWINX hit hard with their second album "The Relic".

The band is faster, stronger and more epic than ever before. The perfectionistic, diverse but still catchy songwriting, combined with the highclass production of the Grotesque Studios makes "The Relic" become one of the most anticipated albums of 2016.

This time SKULLWINX presents themselves more mature than on their 2014 debut full-length release "The Missions Of Heracles", they developed but still kept their unique sound.

"The Relic" is again a concept based album, this time about historic tales and legends from mid-Europe, plus the title-track which describes the name SKULLWINX. It is the "Sign Of Fallen Kings", the deadly prove of gods existence, a doomy view to theodicy - short "The Relic Of An Angel".

"The Relic" has been released on 24th of September via Metalizer Records.
The band is also very interested to play live on the globe as much as possible! Organizers & booking agents may get in touch:


10 / 10
"… awesome Speed and Power Metal …"
(Demon Reports)

9 / 10

8 / 10
"With their own Epic Speed Metal style, SKULLWINX have hit the nail on the head with their second album “The Relic” … the band delivers a faster and stronger punch … “The Relic” talks about the legends and historic tales surrounding central Europe, from the majestic feats of Attila the Hun to the mystical legend of Beowulf … this album is a perfect reminder of the classic Metal tunes we all grew up with … “The Relic” is definitely the start for SKULLWINX … the maturity and improvement observed between the “The Mission Of Heracles” and “The Relic” is only proof that SKULLWINX are on the path to greatness … I definitely recommend “The Relic” for all Heavy Metal lovers."

8 / 10
"… specific and interesting … recommendation to listen to this new album of the fine Metalworkers from Germany."

7 / 10

7 / 10

(Reaper Zine)

"'The Relic' is primarily a record for fans of this genre, on an enormously high level."
(Snooze Control)

"… an authentic epic Metal album with the "heartbreaking" vocals … dares you to a continuous Headbanging!"
(R1 Radio)

"Easily enjoyable, this band knows how to capture the listener’s attention … vocals have an impressive range and all instrumentalists have ample opportunity to showcase their talent … what stands out with this band is all songs on this release appear to have catchy chorus lines without ripping off bands who have come before them."
(Dave Wolff - Autoeroticasphyxium Zine)


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