Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2020


Frenzied grandeur!

The timeless style of great Swedish pioneers like Dissection, Vinterland, Unanimated, Dawn and Sacramentum, multi-instrumentalist and singer Knell feels obliged not only musically-ideally and tastefully.

Even more, the enthusiast has become so addicted to the legendary legacy of these titans that his excellent debut album „The Everlorn“ goes far beyond the status of mere homage.

[ Pic: JAR ]

Knell • All instruments, Vocals

In 2016, he founded SINIRA – for Knell, this was the beginning of the very personal fulfillment of his MELODIC BLACK METAL longings, so to speak.

Two years later, the first demo „Dawnless Twilight“ followed, which the versatile maestro now follows up with a truly powerful long-playing strike:

[ Artwork: KN ]

01. Where Starlight Does Not Shine 07:47
02. Gardens Of Pestilence 08:21
03. The Everlorn 09:26
04. Souls Of The Flame 01:48
05. Tear Ladened Skies 06:48
06. Our Final Nightfall 07:45
07. Dawnless Twilight 11:27
08. Omega XI 02:44

total: 56:06 min.

Eight wonderfully catchy and rousingly triumphant tracks that hold everything that once so magnificently began the great whole of this unique métier!

With „The Everlorn“ the gifted exceptional artist succeeded in a flawless bull’s eye.
SINIRA quickly inspires with uplifting melodies, intoxicatingly desperate vocals and heaps of thundering pattering playing tempos.

>>> Knell of SINIRA ist available for interviews via email !

Northern Silence Productions


2018 • Dawnless Twilight (EP)
2019 • Soulreaper (Single)
2019 • Where Starlight Does Not Shine (Single)
2021 • The Everlorn (Full-length)


10 / 10
„… without a doubt one of the best ( if not the best) albums released in 2020/21 … master of furious melody … pure devotion to chaos, which conquers without a doubt all the darkest nostalgic waters …“
(Science Of Noise)

4 / 5
„… a working, dynamic, determined disc with an obvious quality in all its forms.“
(El Portal Del Metal)

8 / 10
„… the result of a unique artistic vision … guitar playing is effective … extremely atmospheric … drumming goes in the faster direction, which I appreciate … production is very good.“
(WeRock NU)

7 / 10
„… guitars with a clear Scandinavian Melodic Black Metal influence … epic and dramatic … everything revolves around rhythmic exchanges, rolls leading to the classic outburst, but there are also fast and direct dynamic parts … the vicious, corrupt and unhealthy aura of the genre is clearly heard … good example of a reference to a bygone era with an heartfelt debut and an fair homage.“
(Metal IT)

3 / 5
„… sounding huge … the drums thunder across the sonic field like a a rumbling tank whilst the snare shoots through your ears like a machine gun … really love the sharpness and clarity of the guitar tones … icy riffs … very well mixed album … adds that bit extra as well as maintaining the aggression and rawness of the songs.“

„… will not fail to make people talk about it and make the artist rising into another dimension … in any case a first album of great quality released by the Texan project, which leaves with a head start to win the honorary title of the discovery of the year.““

„… a gem that does not stop to scream out of the chest … the reproducibility is quite high with the musicality that everyone remembers … especially the first half of songs is convincing … a masterpiece … recommended for all Black Metal fans …“
(Noisy Minority Work)

„… full of melody, amazing riffs and all together do very good songs, and the very good songs do an amazing album.“
(Blessed Altar)

„… was recommended to me by a member of The Metal Gamer community and I can’t thank her enough for it! This debut screams Dissection, hell I even had to check at times if it wasn’t them playing some unreleased tracks or something … if you love melodic Death/Black Metal then you will love this, simple as that.“
(The Metal Gamer)

„… a highly-melodic work, full of the sort of genuine lead guitar work often missing from extreme Metal.“
(No Clean Singing)

„Pure and hard brutality with an undeniable classic evocation … sounds very good … a lot of power.“


Mittwoch, 4. November 2020


On the road of broken hearts

Since September 17, the Italian hard rockers have been presenting the music video for the track „November Pain“ from their self-titled debut EP – and if you think of Guns N‘ Roses right away when you hear such a song title, you can feel exactly on the right 80’s track:

Clear echoes of other well-known cult bands such as Faster Pussycat, Bulletboys, L.A. Guns, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bang Tango, Vain, Babylon A.D., Tuff and Dangerous Toys round off the lively, uplifting sound.

DESPERATION BLVD is a brand new project from Italy, born from an idea of two experienced musicians, guitarist Alex ‚Crown‘ Corona and drummer Elvis ‚Hell‘ Ortolan. The trio is completed by bassist Matteo ‚Matt‘ Martinelli.

[ Pic: Gabriele Boz ]

Crown • Guitars
Matt • Bass
Hell • Drums

Guest musicians:
David Reece (Accept, Bangalore Choir) • Vocals in ‚North-East Boulevard‘
Thomas Silver (Hardcore Superstar) • Guitar solo in ‚North-East Boulevard‘
Fabio D’Amore (Serenity) • Vocals in ‚Hold Back The Rain‘
Herma (Sick ’n‘ Beautiful) • Vocals in ‚Queen Of Heartache‘
Alessia Scolletti (Temperance) • Vocals in ‚Sorry (I Don’t Want You)‘
Claudio Coassin (Raintime/Fake Idols) • Vocals in ‚Henhouse Tales‘
Mattia Martin (Bad As) • Vocals in ‚November Pain‘

The band’s current debut is a self-titled six-song EP consisting of five enormously crisply orchestrated and cool vocalized original songs as well as the Duran Duran classic „Hold Back The Rain“ – a vibrant and enormously casual cover version that immediately defines the strong personality and unique SLEAZE’N’ROLL style of DESPERATION BLVD.

[ Artwork: Simone ‚Zimon‘ Sut for N.B.S. • Imagination & Design ]

01 November Pain 03.04
02 Queen Of Heartache 03.11
03 Henhouse Tales 03.04
04 North-East Boulevard 03.09
05 Hold Back The Rain 04.13
06 Sorry (I Don’t Want You) 03.53

This deliciously snappy release is enriched by various guest musicians. Among others, former Accept singer David Reece is featured in „North-East Boulevard“, and Thomas Silver from Hardcore Superstar contributed a wonderfully fluid guitar solo for the number. Serenity vocalist Fabio D’Amore, on the other hand, shows in „Hold Back The Rain“ that he has a remarkably wide range of skills, while the no less vocally strong, changeable Alessia Scolletti from Temperance in „Sorry (I Don’t Want You)“ partly goes completely out of herself.

Recorded and co-produced by Michele Guaitoli, known from the bands Visions Of Atlantis, Overtures and Temperance at The Groove Factory Studio, „Desperation BLVD“ will be released in December 2020.


DESPERATION BLVD are available for interviews via phone, Skype & email


Dienstag, 3. November 2020

Philosophical optimism

Initiated as a solo project by singer Coldun himself in 2006, COLDUN has meanwhile grown into a veritable formation.

The group is made up of top-class musicians and long-time companions, all of whom have gained experience and competence through various band activities and projects in the last 20 years.

[ Pic: Coldun ]

Coldun • Vocals, Bass, Hammond, Synths
ZK • Guitars
MR • Guitars
NC • Drums

On the impressively art-minded 2014 second work „Collapsing Polarities“ the whole timeless class of COLDUN’s aesthetic-philosophically impregnated work is already revealed.

Now the musicians climb the logical next step together with their enthroned throat emperor:
The new and third album with the inspiring title „Grand Sun Ritual“ was mixed and mastered in the Priory Recording Studios Birmingham by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) in outstanding quality.

The ATMOSPHERIC PROGRESSIVE METAL of the soulful top experts from the Ore Mountains is once again vocalized in a highly uplifting manner with the absolute grand championship, for which the unmistakably evocative exceptional voice of frontman Coldun stands so uniquely.

With the professional artwork, the authors represent their profound complete works in finest cover and inlay quality:

[ Artwork: KaGo.O_O ]

01. Grand Sun Ritual 07:41
02. The Forest And The Soul 06:23
03. Down Below 07:42
04. Salvation Day 08:32
05. Stories Untold 05:19
06. Hail Out To Thebes 09:16
07. I Dreamed That Dream 06:34

total: 52:00 min.

Listen title track:

„Grand Sun Ritual“, a real soul slurper, shows influences from Doom to Post Metal and connects both worlds, which the tasteful creators love so much.
Thus, COLDUN let atmospheric and deeply rich ambient sounds come together with wild Rock/Metal guitar riffs and drums in an amazingly fluid way, deliciously refined with the classic aroma of 70s guitar and Hammond feeling.
The necessary edge in the often majestic sound image is provided by hard, sometimes even post-black stagings, which can ultimately bring a modern, but always fully genuine and down-to-earth high-class sound to brilliant radiance.

[ Pic: Coldun ]

In terms of content, the new long-player revolves around the eternally topical questions of humanity about the respective meaning of life and death.
The thought-provoking lyrics of the songs show a radically positive basic tenor, which stands for Coldun’s personal conviction that in death nothing is absolute – and certainly not an end.
In recent years he has developed and cultivated relevant impulses for this insight as a distinctly spiritual character by means of various journeys to areas of the world that are correspondingly revealing for him. (Markus Eck)

2007 • Necessariis? Dubiis? Caritas? (Full-length)
2014 • Collapsing Polarities (Full-length)
2021 • Grand Sun Ritual (Full-length)

9 / 10
„… captivates … so extraordinarily well that one can hardly get away from it after intensive enjoyment … impressive sound design …“
(KOBZR Magazine)


COLDUN is available for interviews via phone, Skype & email


Freitag, 14. August 2020


Ready for boarding!

It just doesn’t matter whether the five bright privateers from 
CALAROOK enter stages or auditory canals, because no rum barrel remains full.

With extremely fiddly violin pranks, wildly scrubbed guitar thunder, commanding bass barrels, explosive drumming and stormy growling, the lively Helvetians produce exactly the special variety of PIRATE METAL that massively animates to celebrate, mosh and head bang.

[ Pic: Dan’s Art ]

Philipp Wyssen • Vocals
Nico Wiget • Guitar
Lukas Mischler • Violin
Flavio Pompeo • Bass
Yves Locher • Drums

Sovereignly balanced and jaggedly mixed with infectiously playful Folk Metal parts, rabid Death Metal reels and sometimes a pinch of wonderful nonsense – CALAROOK fires an endlessly captivating seafaring sound that leaves no one standing still or even sober.

After the foundation in 2014, their own songs were eagerly written by those involved. In 2017, the no less humorous bullies board the genre with the lively EP „Calico“.

The wind and direction were still good for the sworn team and this gave the long-thirsty breakwaters the opportunity to prove their extensive skills at the established Ragnarök Festival in Lichtenfels.



01. 47°30’18“N 8°51’52“E 02:02
02. A Cursed Ship’s Tale 04:33
03 Quest For Booze 05:36
04 Into The Storm 07:05
05 Surrender Or Die 04:27
06 Invisible Pineapples 05:09
07 Kraken’s Chest 05:46
08 Paul The Parrot 03:36
09 Jack Rackham 03:22
10 Kicking Flamingos 03:33
11 Davy Jones‘ Locker 03:47
12 Tentacle Explosion 02:34
13 Loyal To None But Rum 04:38
14 The Legend Of Liquor Island 03:03
15 The Feast Of Emerald Meadows 04:34
16 The Undying Sailor 05:37

total: 69:22 min.

So it goes full steam ahead for CALAROOK – the enormously content-rich debut album „Surrender Or Die“ will be launched on September 11ᵗʰ, 2020!

CALAROOK • Online:


 CALAROOK is available for interviews via phone, Skype & e-mail

⚡📢 ⚔️
🏴‍☠️ â„‚𝔸𝕃𝔸ℝ𝕆𝕆𝕂 ðŸ • ðŸŒ´ ð™Šð™›ð™›ð™žð™˜ð™žð™–𝙡 𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙤 & 𝙋𝙍 Action:

Freitag, 7. August 2020


Opulent splendor

Since July 30th, this unique gathering of passionated musicians presents their new, elaborately produced music video for the album hymn „Civilization“. Produced by Boyan Karamfilov, the video shows the visionary face of the musicians involved also visually in lovingly created perfection:

Over the last years BENDIDA captured the audience’s attention by regular concerts and as an result, the popularity of the Bulgarian FANTASY METAL formation keeps growing.

The eight-headed ensemble creates an unique magical sound – the base is Metal, enhanced by Classical and Folk elements. The atmosphere of BENDIDA’s sound gets completed with an ancient Baroque instrument – Viola da gamba.

[ Pic: Jordan Chapkanov ]

Kremena Nikolova • Vocals
Vinnie Atanasov • Guitars, Vocals, Compositions, Arrangements, Orchestrations
Alexander Panayotov • Bass
Vyara Grancharova • Viola da gamba
Bisera Dimitrova • Violin
Plamen Dimitrov • French Horn
Ralitsa Georgieva • Keyboard
Velislav Kazakov • Drums

The lyrical themes in the band’s music are in the spheres of mythology, fantasy and fiction. BENDIDA interprets mythology from the ancient myths and legends – Sumer, Slavic, Thracian and others. The highly motivated group draws inspiration mainly from Classical music, Metal and Folklore.

Besides the traditional Rock music instruments and the mentioned Viola da gamba, the line-up also includes violin, flute and French horn, which sound has been part of BENDIDA’s appearance for several years. The epic sound of the compositions includes uplifting choir parts, opulent orchestrations, dreamy-playful flutes, rounded up by an overwhelming string section.

Also included is even an traditional Bulgarian instrument, the Tambura, which adds the characteristic Folklore shots to the demanding art of BENDIDA.

[ Pic: Mihail Tsveov ]

The first EP has been released at the beginning of 2012, entitled „The Farthest Shore“. In 2014 the band released the single „Prince Of Ice“, together with an official video clip. At the end of 2014, BENDIDA released their second official music video for the song „The Witch And The Devil“.

April 2015 saw them taking part in the competition „Kavarna Battle Of The Bands“, and in May the same year BENDIDA became the first finalist in „Wacken Open Air Metal Battle Bulgaria 2015“.

In 2017 the band released two video clips: „Land Of Perun“ and „Whispers In The Dark“. At the that year, they released their debut album, mystically entitled „Goddess Of The Moon“. Beside all their creative activities, these Bulgarian hopefuls shared the stages with established names as Nightwish, Apocalyptica, Kamelot etc.

[ Artwork: Kremena Nikolova ]


01. Enter The Sanctuary 02:08
02. Legend Of Gilgamesh 05:37
03. Hunt The Hunter 03:55
04. Vampires‘ Ball 04:36
v5. Beast And Man 06:27
06. Desolated Sea 04:32
07. Music Of The Spheres 04:34
08. The Fern Flower 05:22
09. Lady Of Eternal Winter 04:01
10. Dawn Of Man 01:12
11. Civilization 04:33
12. Middle Ages 02:59
13. Apogee 01:10
14. Demolition 02:31
15. The New World 03:06

total: 56:43 min.

In the beginning of 2020, BENDIDA published the 2nd album, „The First Of The Heroes“. As guest musician appears Janika Groß – gifted German singer of Haggard and Molllust – in the song „Vampires‘ Ball“.


2017 • Goddess Of The Moon (Full-length)
2020 • First Of The Heroes (Full-length)

 • Online:


 BENDIDA is available for interviews via phone, Skype & e-mail !


97 / 100
„… will mark future times in terms of Symphonic Metal … light years away from the falsehood that is often heard … a dazzling and rarely found level … imagine how a crossing between Therion, Haggard, Molllust, Nightwish, Epica and Rhapsody Of Fire/Luca Turilli would result? It’s like Vivaldi, Verdi, Mozart and Bethoveen have become metalheads! Simply brilliant and masterful!“
(Via Nocturna)

9,5 / 10
„… a band with 8 elements, including a soprano female vocalist, violin, piano, viola da gamba (kind of cello) and french horn … full of orchestrations and pompous songs … among the majestic orchestrations of Vinnie Atanasov (also all guitars) are the portentous vocals of Kremena Nikolova … a symphonic masterpiece …“
(Sounds From Apocalypse)

9 / 10
„… Bulgarian originals … Symphonic Metal full of class and neo-classical virtuosity … appeals more to sensitivity than to savagery and is of a surprising quality.“
(World Of Metal)

9 / 10
„BENDIDA’s new work will enchant and fascinate you … it will take you on a musical journey through unreal worlds … it will take you away from the gray everyday life, leaving you pleasantly dizzy from the polyphony of instruments and voices … heavy guitars, violins, pianos, folk instruments, various vocal and choral performances, all this will fall on you, but somehow gently, in portions, so that it can be perceived and you will want more …“
(We Rock BG)

15 / 20
„… heartbreakers … atmospheric … operatic … gliding along a radiant melodic river, dressed in silk by the spellbinding lyrical flights of the mistress of Ceremonies, which neither Mattsson nor Nightwish would have rejected.“
(Spirit Of Metal)

„… it is obvious the huge amount of work, sincerity and professionalism invested in it … definitely a step in the right direction and gives hope for the future of the native Symphonic / Power Metal.“
(Metal World INFO)



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