Sonntag, 11. Februar 2018

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Longing hardened romance

The fact that the enthusiastic music of these Bulgarian big-hearts wanders directly into the soul, is due to several strengths of the exceptionally artistic minds.

METALWINGS with the classically frontwoman Stela Atanasova have an exquisite singer whose bell-light and beguilingly feminine, operetta-like voice stands out high from the mass of the genre. With her violin, the soulful vocalist also conjures magical moments of sound.

The hymn-melodic and epically uplifting CLASSIC SYMPHONIC METAL of the Sofia based formation combines the finest elements of classical music and the timeless world of opera.

The fact that such music can be extremely powerful, without going into excessive degrees of hardness, the Bulgarians prove with absolute artistic bravura. Crisply added, sovereignly played rock nuances also provide for extensive listening pleasure.

Founded by allrounder Stela in 2010, she had a clear musical vision in mind from the start, making the catchy songs so compact, homogenous, compositionally perfect and altogether masterful.

After very successful concerts and a lot of popularity at home, METALWINGS produced the also visually deeply moving music video for the song "Crying Of The Sun", which got nearly 12 million views from all parts of the world on Youtube. 

In May 2016, METALWINGS released their debut EP "Fallen Angel In The Hell" after several single releases, whereupon they convincingly show off their own definition of romantic Metal beauty with four excellent compositions.

May 12th, 2016
1. Fallen Angel In The Hell 05:45
2. Slaves Of The Night 05:31
3. Ship Of Shadows 06:07
4. Immortal Metal Wings 05:12
total: 22:35 min.

For the end of March 2018 is planned the release of the much-anticipated debut album "For All Beyond", for which METALWINGS have been very busy since last year's autumn.

It may legitimately be reckoned with a solemn, inspiring Symphonic Metal highlight, which will be able to compete with the greats of the profession! (Markus Eck) 

Stela Atanasova (Lead Vocals, Electric Viola, Keys)
Grigor Kostadinov (Guitars)
Krastyo Jordanov (Guitars, Irish Flute, Backing Vocals)
Angel Kitanov (Keyboards)
Nikola 'Blackie' Ivanov (Drums)



90 / 100
"Comparisons to names like NIGHTWISH, LEAVE'S EYES and others will be obvious, since METALWINGS shares with them the same sound influences, but without being a copy … METALWINGS has a great future …"
(Metal Samsara)

4 / 5 - great
"... 'Crying Of The Sun' has - not least because of the superficial violin - a dreamy, catchy melody that just will not let you go. METALWINGS surprise with their debut EP quite ... all songs ... are very melodic and at least three titles reveal real earwig potential ... an excellent base to reach many listeners with their music so one can look forward to the album, which is scheduled for 2018. "

8 / 10
"... the fantastic singing of Stela Atanasova ... the Bulgarians celebrate their typical style ... a symphonic masterpiece of the very first kind ... METALWINGS have created a powerful EP, that lets melodies flow from all pores and which is heavy at the same time. All the songs with their hot melodies and arrangements ... bring tears of joy in the eyes."
(Metal Division)

8 / 10
"… a tremendously talented band that you need to watch!!!"
(Cry Of The Wolf)

"In the case of Stela Atanasova, one can certainly attest that the lady is quite capable of singing ... a bright, pleasant, soulful, almost fragile seeming voice, to which the band's sound is clearly aligned ... as highlights, I would mention the Youtube hit "Crying In The Sun", in which guitarist Krasto Jordanov contributes clean vocals, as well as the very successful title track."

"… Stela Atanasova, a voice full of grace and sentiment, almost angelic … theatrical interpretation … brilliant … magical atmosphere … amazing … instrumentally well-structured … pleasant with their delightful notes and chorus, brilliant presentation for METALWINGS … will fall in love with this EP."
(Rockers And Other Animals)

"… four masterful compositions … the quality of the METALWINGS compositions is indisputable … they manage to catch us from the first second … sensational combination of instruments without forgetting the melodic voice of Stela Atanasova."
(La Caja Del Rock)

"… classic Symphonic Metal that partly borders on Epic and Folk Metal ... the clear, charming crystal voice of the front woman dances with the melodic notes of the keyboard, the violin and the flute on the dance floor of the deep, dark, classic Metal background ... magical atmosphere ... could be the perfect soundtrack of a fantasy movie ... the work is classically classifiable and will certainly delight fans of Symphonic Metal."
(Jazz And Rock) 



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