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Invitation to a nightmare 

[ Logo: Ersin Kara ]

Title: Welcome To Your Nightmare
Base: Gelsenkirchen • Germany
Style: Death Thrash Metal
Genre: Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Groove Metal
FFO: Pantera, Sepultura, Exhorder
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl + Cassette
Label: Sick Taste Records
Release: Feb. 23, 2024

🔘 Strong debut album from the German powerhouse
🔘 Enormously rich, full-bodied Death Thrash package
🔘 Hard-hitting, precise and catchy material


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The nameplate of this damn sturdy precision Thrash machine reads 2017 – and, yes, the four Thrash’n’Death metallers from SMORRAH are definitely powerhouse guys!

Location: Gelsenkirchen. That’s right, the oft-mentioned city known for its glorious soccer club Schalke 04, also home to the Teutonic Thrash Metal pioneers of Sodom. In this former mining area, the eerie legend of the nasty demon "Smorra", who sits on the chests of sleeping people at night and tries to suffocate them bitterly, has been reverently told for generations.

[ Pic: Anna-Lena Hickmann ]

Marius Wegener • Vocals
Daniel ‚Pumper‘ Hartmann • Guitars
Christian ‚Kraje‘ Krajewski • Bass
Raphael Swierczynski • Drums

Our local patriotic heroes gave their own heavy steel commando such a demonic name. Also breathtaking are the stunningly vehemently riffed, fatally powerful and groovy SMORRAH blasts of notes, skillfully crowned by many technical refinements – DEATH THRASH METAL that just pops!

With charismatic playing strength, the bright formation delivers immensely intense, gripping song loads, all of which drill into your consciousness like a workaholic miner on adrenaline!

SMORRAH have also written some similarly spooky stories on their sooty banner, which the determined and tried-and-tested foursome around front beast Marius hoist high into the half-heartedly blowing trend wind!

With their unmistakable and thoroughly uncompromising sound, paired with gloomy lyrics, the band knows how to convince every time anew! Influences from all Metal genres and beyond come together to form a Groove Thrash monster that takes no prisoners.

[ Artwork: Timon Kokott ]

📺 01. Welcome To Your Nightmare 04:51
02. Dead Snake Eyes 04:45
📺 03. Age Of Decay 05:54
04. Killing Spree 03:58
05. Hope Dies Last 03:45
06. Buried Underneath 05:40
07. Death Awaits 05:00
08. Evil Betrayal 05:19
09. When The Tide Comes In 06:25

total 45:42

With their debut album „Welcome To Your Nightmare“SMORRAH release a total of 9 variedly conceived and hellishly powerfully produced songs.

High tension is guaranteed:
„Welcome To Your Nightmare“ energetically takes the listener on a gripping journey into the dark abysses of human psychology, leaving you hardly any time to catch your breath – the deliciously tight, bludgeon-from-the-bag quartet really does more than justify the legend surrounding the band’s name!

Tireless headbangers, maniacal Thrashers and hungry Groove heads will all get their money’s worth.

And anyone who has experienced these four likeable, down-to-earth heavyweights from Gelsenkirchen at one of their highly explosive and absolutely sweat-inducing live shows knows that there is only one direction with SMORRAH: Straight ahead!
Auf Loik!


2018 • The Evil Within • EP
2020 • Necrosouls • Single
2022 • Live At Helvete • Live Album
2024 • Welcome To Your Nightmare • Full-length


9,5 / 10
➤ „… fat riffs that almost take your breath away … the fantastic thing about the guys from Gelsenkirchen is that they don’t let anything get in their way and do their own thing … Caution: danger of addiction! Groovy thrash monsters could also be lurking by your bedside, waiting for a favourable opportunity …“

9 / 10
➤ „… singer Marius can not only growl very cool, he also has clear vocals that get under your skin … blast their groovy riff monsters almost non-stop around your ears or sneak into your thoughts in quiet passages … one of the pearls of the underground, if not the pearl of the month … convinces with honest Metal that defies all trends and fires from all cylinders for the entire playing time!“

9 / 10
➤ „… really fat … produces strong pressure … SMORRAH process the anger in their songs and you can feel that in the relentless sound … everything is offered to torture your neck muscles or to let off steam in the mosh pit … what a great groovy crusher!“
(Metalheads DE)

9 / 10
➤ „… a very good debut … convinces with great musical work and ingenious songwriting … never gets boring, but makes you want more … what stands out above all is the constant musical class … not only the voice of Wegener can be heard, but also the qualities of the other musicians … so one perfectly written riff chases the next and the solos are also uniquely played … Thrash songwriting in a class of its own …“

4 / 5
➤ „… a proof to SMORRAH’s ability to combine Thrash and Groove Metal influences into a cohesive and devastatingly heavy sound. With unrelenting aggression, haunting atmospheres and impressive musicianship, this album is a must for fans of extreme Metal … cementing their place among the genre’s top acts.“
(MetalUnderground AT)

8,8 / 10
➤ „A true Thrash monster … a very fat debut album, which not only comes along with energetic music, but was also packed with a fat sound. A cool combination of old and new Thrash.“
(Zephyr’s Odem)

8,6 / 10
➤ „… absolutely pummelling … definitely nods to Kreator and Sodom in here and the other German Thrash classics too … melodic leads … shreddy as hell too in spots … absolutely fantastic debut … crowned as my favourite Thrash Metal release so far this year … if you just love everything about Thrash and German Thrash, then this absolute ripper is going to be right up your street …“
(Drako’s Death Metal News & Reviews)

8,5 / 10
➤ „… relentless sound … powerful … as an experienced disciple in the thrash metal universe, you can raise your eyebrows with enthusiasm … the fire of Sepultura meets the groove of Pantera, mixes with the coldness of Sodom and Kreator and yet has a whole unique style of its own that makes SMORRAH stand out from the sometimes confusing swamp of releases …“
(Powermetal DE)

8 / 10
➤ „… nine songs that kick ass … mixture of Thrash Metal (musically), Death Metal (vocally) and a bit of Groove Metal (rhythmically) … contemporary, no cheap Retro Thrash … manage to inspire the old and the new generation alike … the production is mega fat and bangs … a successful debut!“

8 / 10
➤ „… skilfully combine the qualities of bands like Sodom (also based in Gelsenkirchen), Sepultura and Pantera. Of course, one or two riffs sound very familiar, but otherwise they sound very independent. Good and varied songwriting. Good debut album. If you like your thrash metal varied and don’t just like thrashing speed, you can pick this up without hesitation.“
(Time For Metal)

3,5 / 5
➤ „Get ready to bang your head nonstop while raising your horns … old school, 80’s-infused Thrash Metal extravaganza spearheaded by classic riffs … Marius deeply vociferating like a demented beast … unstoppable, violent sounds brought into being while also alternating between more melodic moments and pure savagery …“
(The Headbanging Moose)

➤ „… steely inferno … relentless heaviness … brute energy and gritty riffs create an atmosphere that is honest, hard and uncompromising … debut album that perfectly epitomises the heaviness of Thrash/Death Metal … with menacing intensity reflected in every track …“

➤ „Do you like your Death Metal with rich elements of Thrash? And preferably with a bit of Groove throughout? Don’t worry – SMORRAH is the answer to your prayers… hard, delivered with tremendous precision and still catchy in that cool way… 9 strong tracks… sure to have many hitting the repeat button, because you can just listen to it again… and again…“
(Rancor Metalzine)

➤ „… technically high quality … fast, melodic, groovy … the guitars have great moments throughout the album … it just fits … sounds really cool … vocals – my goodness where does the man get these sounds from – Marius‘ style is brutal, varied and simply … SMORRAH’s debut is a board before the Lord and an absolute buy recommendation …“
(MetalZone – Support The Underground)

➤ „… cool Groove Thrash … really cool mixture … not only on the cap … but also great guitar work, also with nice warm parts … really good …“
(Scream For Metal)

➤ „… unsettling and ferocious … uncompromising and at times groove laden … sounds less like a debut album and more like the work of a band that have been playing together for years, which bodes very well for the longevity of Metal …“
(The Razor’s Edge)

➤ „… Thrash Metal rocket that could have come straight from the Bay Area … this thing rattles brutally and just waltzes over you … it’s a real mouthful … awesome! Fans of the band will be delighted … a brutally good album!“

➤ „… killer … strong Thrash album … if you like Thrash metal, you will definitely like it … a little underdog pearl … I can only warmly recommend SMORRAH …“
(Moshpit Passion)

➤ „… finally … leave you barely able to breathe … the band’s high energy and live performance make the entire 45-minute album an ideal headbanger. The best examples of this are ‚Age Of Decay‘ or ‚Buried Underneath‘ …“
(Hardrock LT)

➤ „…of high quality, with thoughtful songs in a style that pushes technique and groove in equal measure, with enough energy and speed for my needs and yet with a more open approach to arranging where there is room for different tempos and atmospheres. Solid!“

➤ „Each song on the album offers a different experience, showcasing different essences that intermingle between the Thrash and Death base … demonstrates their ability to navigate a wide range of emotions and sounds within Metal … agonizing vocal performance … excellent instrumental execution … offering a very personal sound … an intense debut that will not disappoint you.“
(TNT Radio Rock)

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Furious determination

[ Logo: Breed ]

Action: BREED
Title: History Of Tomorrow
Base: Osnabrück • Germany
Style: Thrash Metal
Genre: Classic Thrash Metal, Power Thrash Metal
FFO: Forbidden, Overkill, Exodus
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl
Label: Doc Gator Records
Release: Dec. 15, 2023

BREED are available for interviews via phone, Skype, Zoom & email

🔘 The debut album of the experienced Metallers
🔘 Explosive outbursts, confidently played
🔘 Efficiently coherent old/new school mix



[ In Your Face • Official Music Video ]

BREED says about the song:
„‚In Your Face‘ is a good reflection of the upcoming album ‚History Of Tomorrow‘, which will be released on December 15, 2023. It’s a tribute to the golden days of the 90s, when Thrash Metal was more than a genre. It was a way of life. Even today … at least for us. Socially critical, never conforming and rejecting the mainstream. Musically, ‚In Your Face‘ taps into the Bay Area genre, but still manages to show our independent style. ‚In Your Face‘ is about our own perception of the present day – egocentric actions, monetarily influenced and always prioritising one’s own advantage. ‚The tongue is my fist!‘: this lyric exactly describes our basic attitude towards these excesses of today. They are named and criticised without lapsing into blind actionism.“

THRASH METAL has been one of the most stable and multifaceted pillars of Metal since the early 1980s. Overseas representatives such as Forbidden, Exodus, Testament, Vio-lence, Exhorder, Death Angel, Toxik and Heathen therefore enjoy a particularly high and collectively respected status among fans – after all, they unwaveringly stand for honest and intelligent music, like to express social criticism in their lyrics and enjoy well-deserved cult status to this day. 

The two guitarists Sascha Rink and Maik Ramroth as well as drummer Sascha Meinert’s pronounced passion for typical American Thrash Metal was also a decisive factor in their decision to launch a new joint project at the end of 2018.

[ Pic: Breed ]

Vincent Alberti • Vocals
Maik Ramroth • Guitar
Sascha Rink • Guitar
John Scholten • Bass
Oliver Ross • Drums

The three musicians had previously played together for 25 (!) years in the Osnabrück Death Metal institution Sudden Death. After their dissolution in 2015, three years later they were ready to go back to their roots and let the seeds of American Thrash Metal sprout fruitfully in their new band – BREED were born!

With singer Vincent Alberti and bassist John Scholten, the two missing pieces of the puzzle were quickly put together, and in 2020 they were even able to play their first gigs together. Covid and the subsequent lockdown brought BREED to a standstill for the time being. Sascha Meinert left the formation, but after the difficult months for art and culture, a perfectly complementary new man was recruited for the cauldrons in Oliver Ross at the end of 2022.

For the 2022 Heathen/Toxik tour, BREED were able to secure a support slot in Rheine, Germany and open the show for their revered icons, which further encouraged those involved to take the logical next step.

From mid-2023, the eight songs of the current debut album „History Of Tomorrow“ were ambitiously recorded and with Doc Gator Records, a label partner with many years of experience could be won over, who was completely enthusiastic about the musical result right from the start and even supported BREED in its completion.

[ Artwork: Sascha Rink ]

01. In Your Face 04:40
02. Of Hope And Despair 05:20
03. Refuse To Reality 05:02
04. Dimension Downside 05:09
05. Pro Evolution Sucker 04:42
06. Out Of Control 04:27
07. Better Hater 05:08
08. History Of Tomorrow 04:18

total 38:46

The recordings were placed in the capable hands of Luka Matković (Quasarborn), who competently mixed and mastered „History Of Tomorrow“ at his Citadela Studio in Belgrade.

The first single release „In Your Face“ makes the song title a damn heavy program! The playful lead guitar literally ensnares you and the vocals have an almost hypnotizing effect, while the wonderfully hard-scrubbed riffing tightens the noose until there’s no escape!

With BREED, the fatal brutal brood of Sudden Death has now become an independently growing plant, the seeds of which are now being unstoppably spread with „History Of Tomorrow“BREED are here to stay!


9 / 10
➤ „… Thrash Metal classic … keyword: Bay Area … relentless riffs, lush grooves and melodic lead guitars … impressively flexible voice … easily ranks alongside the works of great role models such as EXODUS, HEATHEN or DEATH ANGEL and easily puts many a late work by the old heroes in its pocket …“
(Powermetal DE)

4 / 5
➤ „… fast, aggressive riffs … brute drum beats … but BREED go one step further: they experiment with different musical elements, as Risk once did, with slight hints of Death Metal and skillfully combine them with their own, unmistakable style … own soundscape … hard as well as melodic … gives the German Thrash Metal scene a new coat of paint …“
(MetalUnderground AT)

8 / 10
➤ „… fat riff power … always a pinch of German Thrash Attack of the blessed community Destruction, Sodom or Tankard … extremely high-quality rough grenades … can almost play in the top class … historical sounds are further defined … if you listen to such a fresh band like BREED, you don’t have to worry about tomorrow … should know everyone who likes a fine mixture of US and German Thrash … warmly recommended …“
(Rock Castle Franken)

8 / 10
➤ „… ‚In Your Face‘ is the name of the album’s opener and the effect of the sound could hardly be better summed up …“

11 / 15
➤ „… pure Bay-Area-Thrash á la Forbidden in the blessed ‚Twisted Into Form‘-times … hits you right in the face … this is how modern Thrash should sound in 2023 without denying its roots …“

7 / 10
➤ „… strong debut that carries the essence of Thrash Metal into the present … explosive outbursts, confidently played by experienced musicians … the efficiently coherent mix of old and new Thrash elements makes ‚History Of Tomorrow‘ a pleasure to listen to … hypnotizing vocals …“

➤ „… what a debut! Strong! With clear inspiration from bands like Forbidden, Exodus, Testamen and Heathen – and you can only say it was a good idea … direct and hard … so if you’re ready for German thrash that sounds more like American thrash than the usual Teutonic inspiration we know from German bands, then you should definitely give this album a spin – you won’t be disappointed!“
(Rancor Metalzine)

➤ „A must-have for every Thrash Metal fan … ‚History Of Tomorrow‘ should not be missed … this album is more than just music – it’s a way of life, a statement and proof that real Thrash Metal is still alive …“
(Metaller DE)

➤ „… enriches the record collection of any fan who already appreciates bands like Forbidden, Overkill or Exodus … BREED execute thrash metal in their own powerful way, creating a perspective that is both intense and personal … an album they can rightly be proud of …“

➤ „I feel lots of Overkill and Metal Church here. Overkill’s punch and Metal Church’s finesse … amazing record … that’s the spirit, guys! I have a recollection of a time when Metal was all about the music, BREED do as well.“
(Metal Addicts)


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Fireworks of precision

[ Logo: Quasarborn ]

Title: Novo Oružje Protiv Bola
Base: Belgrade • Serbia
Style: Progressive Technical Thrash Metal
Genre: Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal, Technical Thrash Metal, Power Thrash Metal
FFO: Forbidden, Vektor, Nevermore
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl
Label: Doc Gator Records
Release: Sept. 15, 2023


🌐 𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙤 & 𝙋𝙍 Action:
𝗠𝗘𝗧𝗔𝗟 𝗠𝗘𝗦𝗦𝗔𝗚𝗘 ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ • 𝐸𝓈𝓉. 2001

🔘 The important 3ʳᵈ album of the Serbian all-rounders
🔘 Impressively complex, technical and catchy
🔘 Sophisticated musicality on the highest level

After the all-around quick-witted Serbian Tech-Thrashers have rammed two really massive THRASH METAL pillars into the ground of the profession in 2018 with their self-released debut „The Odyssey To Room 101“ and the follow-up „A Pill Hard To Swallow“ 2020, things could only continue positively for this whole special band. 

On May 10, 2013 the – not only stylistically – enormously independent formation has released the current album „Novo Oružje Protiv Bola“ first digitally; but this time the more than ever ambitious originators had in mind a much wider distribution of their music.

[ Pic: Jovana Uzelac ]


Luka Matković • Vocals, Guitars
Dimitrije Čuturilo • Guitars
Miloš Tomasović • Bass
Marko ‚Tihi‘ Danilović • Drums

For the physical release of „Novo Oružje Protiv Bola“, the skilled guys around bandleader Luka Matkovic have therefore for the first time put their trust in a label with Doc Gator Records and „Novo Oružje Protiv Bola“ will be released by the music publisher, who is highly esteemed in the scene, on September 15, 2023 as a jewelcase CD and in various colored limited vinyl editions.

After QUASARBORN’s first two albums were released with English lyrics, the band experimented with lyrics in their native language on the two pre-released songs „Ne mozes imati sve“ and „Novo oruzje protiv bola“. And this was quickly so well received both in their homeland and by the international audience that QUASARBORN decided to record the entire album in Serbian.

[ Artwork: Marko ‚Tihi‘ Danilović ]

01. Novo oružje protiv bola 03:41
02. Urobor 05:17
03. Ne možeš imati sve 04:04
04. Voz 03:58
05. U plamenu 04:02
06. Od kolevke do rova 03:15
07. Ogledalo 03:13
08. Menja se 06:37
09. Prostor-vreme 05:28

total 39:35

This remarkably courageous approach makes the lyrics of the songs even more authentic, which address the overcoming of personal obstacles, the difficulties in interpersonal relationships, the never-ending search for one’s own identity as well as the struggle of each individual within a rotten system.

But QUASARBORN have also evolved musically:

„It’s not just technical Progressive Thrash Metal anymore, there are influences here that range from pop music to brutal Death Metal, and it’s all wrapped up in a recognizable QUASARBORN style. Everyone contributed to the songs, many guitar riffs were written by Tihi and Dimitrije, and Tomas contributed some nice bass passages and solos – unlike our first album, where I still wrote most of the material“, says mastermind Luka about the making of „Novo Oružje Protiv Bola“.

„Novo Oružje Protiv Bola“ was recorded as well as mixed, produced and mastered by Luka Matkovié at Citadela Studio in Belgrade between December 2021 and April 2023. The cover artwork, as original as the songs themselves, was designed by drummer Marko Danilovic Tihi.

On the song „Od kolevke do rova“ Danilo Trbojevié from Serbian Crossover Thrashers Nadimac can be heard as a guest vocalist and actor Lazar Dukié is responsible for the recitations on this song and in „Menja se“.

„Novo Oružje Protiv Bola“ as an album truly ventures far beyond the plate – a welcome, cultivated treat, and not only for Thrash gourmets, who are hereby served a feast as opulent as it is rich in variety.

[ Official video by Jovana Uzelac & Marko ‚Tihi‘ Danilović ]
Singer and guitarist Luka Matković provides insight into the making of the video:
„Since 2019 we have been producing our own videos, with the help of our great friend Jovana Uzelac. For ‚Urobor‘ we had a really tight schedule, and there was no way to fit all five of us in the same place at the same time on such short notice. So the idea was to have each member play the song in a specific setting and location and create contrasts – outdoors/daylight, indoors/darkness. I wanted to do an outdoor shot in nature, so Jovana and I traveled to Zagajička brda in northeastern Serbia and did the farthest shots we’ve ever had in a video. Bassist Miloš Tomasović wanted to be filmed on the roof of a building in New Belgrade. Marko ‚Tihi‘ Danilović’s drums are the most difficult to transport, so we shot it in the studio, in the dark. Guitarist Dimitrije Čuturilo was filmed in several corners of Tihi’s basement. I edited the footage, and Jovana and Tihi did the colors. It went very fast, and we are very happy with the result!“

2018 • Blood Honey • Single
2018 • The Odyssey to Room 101 • Full-length
2020 • A Pill Hard To Swallow • Full-length
2022 • Ne mo​ž​eš imati sve • Single
2023 • Novo oru​ž​je protiv bola • Single
2023 • Novo oružje protiv bola • Full-length


96 / 100
➤ „… has exceeded expectations … an outstanding album in every respect …“
(Serbian Metal)

9,5 / 10
➤ „… highly talented combo … irrepressible energy … this band and this album are very special … especially the guitar work is absolutely breathtaking …“

9,5 / 10
➤ „… technical and enormously multifaceted Thrash … brings plenty of freshness … wonderfully multi-layered … modern, elegant and terrific pressure … the refined guitar solos work excellently … never before have you heard Thrash and Alternative to Progressive in this combination … insanely good …“
(Zephyr’s Odem)

14 / 15
➤ „… a strong band … the last album ‚A Pill Hard To Swallow‘ caused quite a stir in the underground … with ‚Novo Oružje Protiv Bola‘ the Belgraders go one better …“
(Legacy Magazin)

9 / 10
➤ „… not only recall the highlights of classic Techno-Thrash from Toxic to Coroner and Realm to Megadeth, but also have tasteful melodies in the style of Coheed And Cambria, Rush or Billy Talent …“
(Rock Hard)

9 / 10
➤ „Hectic Thrash that bursts upon the listener with the first bar like a swarm of hornets on the warpath … elegant, squiggly bar changes, enough hooks not to lose the song thread and a vocal that is able to set wonderfully melodic points of contrast … absolute banger …“
(Powermetal DE)

9 / 10
➤ „… this time a level of quality is reached, which is not sufficiently illustrated by any exclamation mark … kidnap both fans and not-yet-fans into really new spheres of Thrash Metal … to bring so much creativity under one hat requires an immense amount of discipline … from time to time more little things penetrate the ear, which raise the pleasure to an ever new level …“

9 / 10
➤ „… a well-balanced affair when it comes to melodies, heaviness and pure technical bad-assery. These guys really are serious when they say they play progressive Thrash Metal. Intertwined structures, chances of pace and heaviness as well as an understanding for dramatic structures and tension building are only a few tools these people use so well to forge their songs.“
(Reflections Of Darkness)

9 / 10
➤ „… works very well after a short familiarisation phase …“
(Darkscene AT)

4 / 5
➤ „… just riffs massively, each track bringing memorable moments to the table … infectious vocal lines … powerful rhythm section … an excellent example of the balance QUASARBORN are able to strike between almost poppy melancholic catchiness …“
(Sputnik Music)

87 / 100
➤ „… this album just riffs massively, each track bringing memorable moments to the table … QUASARBORN are able to strike between almost poppy melancholic catchiness – the clean intro, the multivocal harmonies in the chorus – and crushing distortion …“
(The Metal Archives)

8,5 / 10
➤ „… partly remind of old Forbidden, who joined forces with Vektor in a parallel world … goes quite to the point … the songwriting is so varied that one does not shy away from catchy choruses …“
(Deaf Forever)

8,5 / 10
➤ „Two months after its release, I still can’t stop listening to this album at least once every other day, and it’s become one of my go-tos in the gym. Even if you’re not into Thrash, I would recommend ‚Novo Oružje Protiv Bola‘, as it combines enough influences to keep the pickiest of listeners satisfied.“

8,4 / 10
➤ „… a perfectionist precise performance, sometimes breakneck, sometimes slower, dictated by drummer Marko Danilović Tihi … poignant and articulate vocal attacks, in the already known impressive range … unobtrusive riffs that skillfully maneuver between progger Thrash outrageousness … already puts QUASARBORN on the list of candidates for the regional Metal album of the year …“

8 / 10
➤ „… technical Power/Thrash Metal with melodic and powerful vocals, for the first time in the local language … straight and progressive, melodic and aggressive, traditional and contemporary at the same time … tons of riffs … great, catchy melodies … the interplay is scary tight and the production fat and powerful without being overloaded. The band has done everything right!“

8 / 10
➤ „… very interesting album with really awesome riffs … technically and melodically very multifaceted … a versatile Tech Thrash disc … worth listening to …“
(AMMO Supports The Underground)

3,8 / 5
➤ „… usually like technical Thrash, this time they have opened up more to other influences, which is definitely a strength of the record. The almost poppy flair of ‚Voz‘, which can definitely be called a hit, fits just as well as the Death Metal influence in ‚U plamenu‘ or the passionate-melancholic flair of ‚Manja se‘ … edgy, precise riffs … interesting songs … insider tip for Thrash fans who like to let their eyes wander away from the big metropolises …“
(Handwritten Mag)

7,5 / 10
➤ „… most of the time you can expect Thrash Metal with a difference, possibly also incorporating influences from Anacrusis, but playing the melodic card in the chorus … sometimes it just needs a drum storm or just inspiring guitars … once they even push forward into extremely European customs in Speed Metal …“

7,5 / 10
➤ „… definitely good and particularly pleasing to the listener’s ear where the lyrics are often expressed with a clean and very melodic approach, especially in the beautiful refrains that characterise the songs … very high technical and executive stature, but they never end up in sloppy note-bending or cerebral patterns of dubious efficacy and sense, allowing the listener to enjoy a test of great class and taste … splendid solos … a small pearl of originality … brings fresh air …“
(Heavy Metal Webzine IT)

7 / 10
➤ „… a solid Thrash album that hits high peaks with its dichotomy of catchiness and ferocity … there’s nothing lacking … maintains a pretty break-neck pace overall, however, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to check out what’s thrashin’ over on the Balkan peninsula … Thrash Metal with a distinctly European flair!“
(The Progressive Subway)

➤ „… the band is able to surpass themselves and exceed all expectations … fresh impulses … will make your heads bang and your brain cells work … versatility meets technical sophistication … have refined their craft once again … complex, technically demanding and at the same time catchy, a rather rare combination … total work of art …“
(Metaller DE)

➤ „… with nine rousing songs, you are literally drawn into the world of QUASARBORN … invigorates the senses and can inspire … more than just good Thrash Metal … an impressive work that takes the band to a new level … the versatility of the musical elements, coupled with profound lyrics, make ‚Novo Oruzje Protiv Bola‘ outstanding … appeals to both Thrash fans and lovers of more sophisticated music …“

➤ „… a really cool album … something that can best be described as Progressive Thrash or Technical Thrash – but bottom line, the genre doesn’t matter, because it sounds good … the band knows what buttons to push to make it all work in the best possible way … hopefully more people will discover QUASARBORN …“
(Rancor Metalzine)

➤ „… bring a breath of fresh air to a Metal subgenre that I consider a little worn out … for breathless headbanging … an album to change your mind about Thrash Metal with …“
(Metal Addicts)

➤ „… a Thrash Metal band that incorporate both Alternative and Progressive Metal details into their specific form and delivery … for those who find such a blend of elements to come across as generally interesting this is an album that should be quite the interesting one to become more familiar with …“

➤ „… masterpiece … not only mandatory programme for Thrash fans, but also for friends of sophisticated Metal … fabulously good …“

➤ „This caught me off guard, fierce technical Thrash with a really strong energy and loads of hooks. Heaps of fun!“
(The Heavy Communion)

➤ „… a small masterpiece of contemporary, extreme Prog Metal … far more than just a cool Techno Thrash record … with their style and in this quality QUASARBORN should actually open doors with rather old school listeners as well as with followers of more modern Prog Metal sounds. If not, there is something very wrong here. Another candidate for the best list 2023!“

➤ „… an album I would definitely recommend anyone with a penchant for Thrash to check out …“
(Metaltone DK)

➤ „This caught me off guard, fierce technical Thrash with a really strong energy and loads of hooks. Heaps of fun!“
(The Heavy Communion)


Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2023


Glorious bursts of power

[ Logo: Ignition ]

Title: Vengeance
Base: Duisburg • Germany
Style: Power Metal
Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Melodic Death Metal
FFO: Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Primal Fear
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl
Label: Doc Gator Records
Release: Sept. 15, 2023




IGNITION are available for interviews via phone, Skype, Zoom & ema

🔘 Third album of the knowledgeable steel professionals
🔘 Immensely dynamic and fluid US Power Metal
🔘 Even more powerful, gritty and altogether more compact

[ Official Video ]

The band state:
„This track is an anthem for all those who are not afraid to unleash their inner warrior.“

IGNITION, that is classic fuel in the proven US POWER METAL style from the heart of the German Ruhr area, the origin of famous acts like Sodom, Kreator etc.

The quintet around singer Dennis Marschallik, the two guitarists Sebastian Ernst and Christian Bruckschen as well as bassist Andreas Leyer and the new drummer Lukas Leuuw convinces since 2014 with a rough and straight sound, forged from the finest steel, which is skillfully refined with influences from traditional and modern Metal.

[ Pic: Stephan Trapp ]

Dennis Marschallik • Lead Vocals
Christian Bruckschen • Guitars
Sebastian Ernst • Guitars
Andreas Leyer • Bass
Lukas Leeuw • Drums

The honest music of the band is often described as a mix of the old Blind Guardian and Trivium. So far, IGNITION released the EP „We Are The Force“ in 2016, which stirred the cauldron mightily and thus attracted the attention of the Metal scene.

No wonder that the following records „Guided By The Waves“ (2017) and „Call Of The Sirens“ (2020) became hotly anticipated and successful albums, duly celebrated by the trade press at the time – and by fans even today.

Together with the label Doc Gator Records, the playful five-piece will release the new long player „Vengeance“ on September 15, 2023, which will relegate some heavyweights who have become limp to their places and let their longships sink to the bottom of the stormy sea of the genre with twelve sound-strong thunderclaps.

Gone are the days of comparisons, gone are the days in the shadow of Blind Guardian or Trivium. Singer Dennis ‚Schally‘ Marschallik says about „Vengeance“:
„We have deliberately ventured with the album into new realms, which you do not know from us so and will still love,“ and bassist Andreas Leyer adds equally motivated:

„‚Vengeance‘ combines for me everything that makes IGNITION. We show ourselves more varied on this record and make a statement to the fact that for us Metal has many facets and that pigeonholing and a reduction to a defined genre ultimately means standstill!“

[ Artwork: Andrej Bartulović ]


  1. Ignite The Fire 03:31
  2. The Wounds That Cause The Pain 04:45
  3. Adrenaline 04:33
  4. Beastmode 05:03
  5. Kingdom of Lies 03:46
  6. A New Dawn 05:30
  7. The Rise 03:45
  8. A Dark Fate 01:22
  9. Betrayal 05:31
  10. We Were The Shieldwall 04:05
  11. The Funeral 04:35
  12. The Final Hour 03:39

total 50:05

„From the gut and with a proper ‚fuck it!‘ attitude, we have taken off the blinders to other (sub)genres without denying our typical IGNITION trademarks,“ guitarist Christian Bruckschen lets slip – and his (guitar) colleague Sebastian Ernst adds:
„‚Vengeance‘ is honest and versatile Metal from our area, forged from pure Metal in the fire where tradition and modernity meet.“

All participants are firmly convinced that IGNITION will make every shield wall burst with their fourth album attack, because on „Vengeance“ the warhammer circles properly and the new battle songs will inevitably inspire every berserker and every shield maiden.

„Vengeance“ comes with a total of twelve songs that are included in physical format completely only on the CD version. However, the song „The Funeral“, which no longer fit on the vinyl format, is also included in the digital version. So vinyl fans don’t have to miss out on „The Funeral“ either, because each vinyl contains a code that entitles you to download the track.

So everyone gets the twelve powerful anthems from the boiling steel forge of the enormously steadfasts. Those who know the previous albums of IGNITION also know about „The Viking Saga Pt. I“ and „The Viking Saga Pt. II“. This content-rich saga continues the quintet on „Vengeance“. So „The Viking Saga Pt. III“ starts with the track „The Rise“.

2016 • We Are The Force • EP
2017 • Guided By The Waves • Full-length
2019 • Memory • Single
2020 • Call Of The Sirens • Full-length
2023 • Vengeance • Full-length


5 / 5
➤ „IGNITION take the Power in their Metal very seriously! Most of the songs on the album are bursting with bombast and ‚fist into face‘ energy, you can clearly notice these Germans‘ joy of playing throughout … a love letter to the joys of the mosh pit, an energy drink infusion … awesome thing, more of it!“
(Stormbringer AT)

9,8 / 10
➤ „… interestingly designed Power Metal, which is by no means designed according to usual genre templates … plenty of freshness … mix classic, melodic Teutonic steel of the brand early Rage to Blind Guardian, enriched with Iced Earth and Iron Maiden side blows … melodic … enormous potential … a bear strong album … breathtakingly coherent … puts many bands from the mishmash in the shade …“
(Zephyr’s Odem)

9,5 / 10
➤ „… IGNITION clearly show all genre limitations where the hammer hangs and manage to not only stay true to their very own style but also to improve it … harmonious, classic, partly epic-hymnal melodies that have made the leap into modernity with fresh elements and enough harshness to connect old and young … clearly a pleasure for all senses …“

4,5 / 5
➤ „… refreshing ideas are once again the basic concept … strikingly multifaceted … all compositions are perfectly matched to the plot of the lyric content and enhance the listening experience enormously … each song has its own atmosphere that transports the listener into another world … brilliant Power Metal album that takes the band to a new level … IGNITION have the potential to play their way to the top of the Power Metal scene … brings tears of joy to every Power Metal freak’s face …“
(Metal Underground AT)

9 / 10
➤ „… erinnert nicht selten an alte Blind Guardian … ein geiles Album, dass frisch und modern klingt und richtig Power hat, ohne dabei auf Melodie und Soli zu verzichten.“
(Powermetal DE)

9 / 10
➤ „… cool cocktail of traditional Power Metal, Thrash and modern tones … very playful and maturely executed … fat riffing and an equally great production … simply great, captivating songs … sounds so fresh and puts you in a good mood … high level is maintained throughout the entire playing time … not predictable and remains exciting … absolutely great and I definitely recommend it to every friend of this direction … a highlight from start to finish!“

4 / 5
➤ „Between Mystic Prophecy and Brainstorm … show IGNITIONS‘ heavier and more direct side, perhaps the most effective … convincing … flows along compactly and pleasantly … proof of how alive and well the underground scene is still, as well as rich in quality … recommended for lovers of Heavy Metal of substance, powerful and melodic without ever being too accessible or happy!“
(Loud And Proud IT)

13 / 15
➤ „… compositionally we are clearly dealing with the strongest IGNITION here … impressive how all band members put themselves one hundred percent in the service of the whole, without driving any ego tours … partly spectacular guitar work and steam hammer drumming … usual charismatic vocals …“
(Legacy Magazin)

3,75 / 5
➤ „… riffs are heavy, with that definite US crunch and that edge of complexity in the compositions without being flashy … solid … interesting … singer Dennis Marschallik has a good raw-edged wail … plenty of power and range … IGNITION have the right idea …“
(The Metal Crypt)

8,5 / 10
➤ „… excellent musical mixture … 12 crunchy banging US Power Metal bangers … with the pinch of Thrash incorporated and the melodic choruses they will surely please especially fans of early Iced Earth. Maybe I’m alone in this, but for me ‚Vengeance‘ is even the true successor to ‚Burnt Offerings‘, which was never created for me by the originals … this thing is plenty of fun …“

8,5 / 10
➤ „Blinkers have been taken off here, influences opened … probably the most versatile album in the band’s history, without neglecting the typical trademarks … straightforward … very playful … full on the twelve …“
(Rock Garage)

8,5 / 10
➤ „…a diverse Power Metal album that should put the fear of God into many an old stager … ‚Vengeance‘ forges modernity and tradition into an alloy that ignites across the board …“
(Rock Magazine)

8,5 / 10
➤ „… easy to listen to … the no-frills version of everything I consider German Power Metal, with the modern overtones of Mystic Prophecy and Primal Fear as well as the more brute approach that is considered Grave Diggers‘ domain …“
(Metal Observer)

8,3 / 10
➤ „With complete old-school Heavy/Power Metal roots, the band has managed to incorporate elements of modern Thrash Metal with great success … melodies and vocal styles lead directly to the classic Heavy/Power albums from the early 90s, but some of the rhythmic work and guitar riffs are completely influenced by the American Thrash and Groove Metal bands from the 2010s … a combination that works very well, as it gives a very unique and fresh energy to almost all the songs on the album … very solid and powerful … makes you shake your head from beginning to end …“
(Metalrock Club)

3,8 / 5
➤ „… Power Metal American style á la Iced Earth … turned to the melodic side … anthemic choruses … that makes you think of Blind Guardian in the distance – but without the incredible bombast … there is audibly a lot of work in it … the songs are sophisticated and yet very catchy … round thing!“
(Handwritten Mag)

8 / 10
➤ „… solid … very good work by the instrumentalists … very inventive and technically demanding … accessible to a wider range of fans of melodic Power Metal …“
(Metal Melodic Sound)

8 / 10
➤ „… a powerful Thrash Power Metal album with strong guitar melodies and rhythm, dynamic and powerful drums … a combination of several bands with strong characters and from two different continents, and this is a smart combination. I recommend this album to fans of bands like Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Orden Ogan, Savage Circus, Persuader, Trivium or Sinbreed …“
(Metal Opera)

8 / 10
➤ „The riffs are really heavy … the vocals are melodic and aggressive at the same time. I find it cool that they are always heavy and never drift into dull kitsch, as it is the case with many genre colleagues … in the style of (straightforward) Blind Guardian, Brainstorm, Symphorce and in places also Iced Earth or Persuader … so here there is a proper one on it …“
(Crossfire Webzine)

8 / 10
➤ „… hot candidate for continuous rotation … accelerator pedal is properly depressed, but without neglecting earworm-like melody lines … after repeated enjoyment, two things can be noted: First, that IGNITION have delivered a strong Power Metal album here, which does not need to shy away from the comparison with the competition; and secondly, that I must urgently get the first two discs!“

8 / 10
➤ „Powerful drumming, supportive background shouts, gripping rhythm tempo changes, shimmering twin guitar eruptions, fine melodies, intense moments of tension, as well as Dennis Marshallik’s striking vocals, which alternate between throaty and heroic clear voices, leave no doubt as to who has supremacy at sea: IGNITION! Blind Guardian, Orden Ogan, Lonewolf, Rebellion, Stormwarrior can of course still be mentioned as comparison values, nevertheless the song material also has its own recognisable recognition value … good album …“
(FFM Rock)

8 / 10
➤ „… very refreshing, here a pinch of Iron Maiden, there a bit of Trivium, and Dennis Marschallik’s voice reminds of the singers of Blind Guardian or Persuader. Powerful Power Metal is the guys‘ motto – and rightly so … a strong album that makes you want more!“

7 / 10
➤ „A metallic thunderclap from the heart of the Ruhr area … a must for all Metal fans looking for a sincere and powerful musical experience … a true masterpiece …“
(AM:plified Mag)

7 / 10
➤ „… solid … may well appeal to fans of Rage or early Blind Guardian …“
(Deaf Forever)

➤ „… clearly deserves the predicate rich in variety … the typical recognition value of the band remains … this is not least due to the successful vocal lines of Dennis Marschallik … have further developed … even better, even fatter, even more mature … the production is polished … the bass bangs well, the guitars are more differentiated than ever and virtuoso … the drums relentlessly drive all protagonists before them … fresh and full of ideas … 12 strong songs, partly arrow-fast or groovy …“
(Metalheads DE)

➤ „… nichts weniger als eindrucksvoll … kraftvolle Hymnen … emotionale Melodien … ein Werk, das die Grenzen ihres bisherigen Schaffens sprengt …“
(Metaller DE)

➤ „… one of the best Power Metal bands I’ve heard in a long time, managing to combine the inspiration of the classic bands with the more modern Metal sound …“
(Rancor Metalzine)

➤ „‚Vengeance‘ has become such a good album … I think from what I’ve heard here, the days of being the lost link between Blind Guardian and Trivium are long gone …“
(Metal Addicts)

➤ „… fuckin‘ brilliant … I fuckin‘ love it!“
(Iridium Heavy Rock And Metal Music Reviews)

➤ „… has become really good and should appeal to both traditional metalheads and younger audiences. You have to manage this balancing act first, without it sounding too forced and embarrassing. With ‚Vengeance‘ IGNITION have delivered a really strong album with a lot of catchy tunes. Should be heard!“

➤ „… very well achieved, with well worked-out guitars and great solos, mixing melodic moments with Speed and Power …“
(Riff Of Metal)

➤ „Energetic, powerful and melodic … full of heavy riffs, good vocals and good choruses that may remind you of bands like Angel Witch or Iced Earth …“
(Trueno Metálico)

➤ „… melodic Metal meets riffing with a strong US influence … borrowings from Iced Earth … strong and haunting vocals from Dennis Marschallik, who might even be the biggest discovery for some listeners … in his style aggression meets melodic lead and depth, showing a talent that should not be underestimated … every friend of Power, Melodic or even US Metal should definitely strain their listening ears here … it’s worth it.“

➤ „Excellent … Teutonic Heavy/Power Metal! Powerful and dynamic!“
(Unique High Fidelity)

➤ „… one of the best Power Metal bands I’ve heard in a long time, managing to combine the inspiration of the classic bands with the more modern Metal sound …“
(Metaltone DK)



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