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Preference for the heroes of the ancient world

2016 will be their year of EPIC SPEED METAL!
„The clash of epicness and speed“:
exactly this combination attracts the modern Power Metal-head as well as the NWOBHM fan.

They deliver their special style through the vocals of Johannes Haller which sound like Hansi Kürsch has taught him how to sing. Bass and Guitars are reminding of old RUNNING WILD.

To put it in a nutshell: Bavarian SKULLWINX brings all the energetic music from the 80‘s back on the stage.
In their regional area they gained a big fanbase, especially because of their high live quality.

New songs are in the making, the release of the still untitled next album is scheduled for summer / autumn 2016.
Both guitarists Lennart Hammerer and Severin Steger will soak the whole with a massive dose of iconic 80s flair.
Simultaneous, the band embarks then also the first time to look for a label to publish the upcoming release with an completely professionally operating record company.

So far SKULLWINX wanted to preserve their absolute independence at this level, but the plans of the parties have become just as larger and more demanding as the songs themselves.
In Winter 2013 SKULLWINX released their EP "St. George", which already was a hint how the band would develop. On this record they were playing slower and more British influenced.

Nevertheless one could already guess their creative potential, which unfolded in their debut album "The Missions Of Heracles". It is a concept album based on the ancient legend of Heracles who had to solve various missions to save the souls of his family.

SKULLWINX delivers the emotions and different characters of the creatures with enormous guitar riffing and diversified song writing very well.
Regarding their constantly growing fanbase and their young age, this might be a band with perspective.
Beside songwriting activities SKULLWINX are also eagerly looking currently for new gigs in 2016 in clubs, festivals etc.

MEDIA FEEDBACK for SKULLWINX "The Missions Of Heracles":

9.9 / 10
“Each song is a minor masterpiece, a selection of quality riffs“

9.5 / 10
“A killer album! Epic and heavy metal at their top. Very inspired.“

9 / 10
“These young people [..] created incorporating melodies, moments of speed [..] with a mysterious and sudden changes of melodic harmonies with big punch.”
(Mundorock Heavy)

8 / 10
“SKULLWINX are a very great sounding epic power/heavy metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this recording.”

7.5 / 10
“Overall, the vinyl has a lot of little highlights that actually spray the youthful enthusiasm and freshness.”

60 / 100
“SKULLWINX should continue to pursue this style, as they can perfect it and make it more unique. With time, maybe they can turn into something like Germany’ s answer to newer Warlord?”

“Epic masterpiece forged by mighty metal knights!”

"This bavarian band counts on historical topics, epic steel and their talented instrumentalists"
(MetalHammer Germany, Demozone)

"One Of Best Albums Of 2014"
(Club Heavy Metal Maniaxe)

"…more than impressive…"
(Rock Hard, Demozone)


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