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HULDRE's long awaited sophomore album – "Tusmørke" – is finally here!
HULDRE is an upcoming NORDIC FOLK METAL-name on the Folk Metal scene and they have, since 2010, excited people all over the world with their spectacular compositions inspired by Nordic Folk music, Metal and Rock.
Musically they offer catchy melodies of female vocals, violin, hurdy gurdy and flute on a heavy foundation of guitar, bass and drums.

HULDRE weaves a lyrical universe revolving around the forces of nature, and imagery of the folklore of years past.
The band is by now known for their unique and integrated liveshows, where the audience, in a forest of leaves, skull and bones, are blown back by the sheer joy of playing.

HULDRE's debut album from 2012 – "Intet Menneskebarn"– was very well received by reviewers throughout the world and the band has through the years played at such venues as Copenhell and Wacken, won a few musical awards and built up a dedicated and loyal fanbase.

"Tusmørke" was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Lasse Lammert in LSD Studios in cooperation with HULDRE and has been released on the 3rd of November. This was celebrated with a release party at Loppen in Copenhagen.


4,5 / 5
"Separate mention for Nanna Barslev … the thing about this woman is incredible … she has a peculiar voice … that astonishes me … sings the songs so that the words seem to dance out of her mouth, and you are rocking at every moment with her voice… personality and talent at the top … If you like Folk Metal, maybe coming out a bit of the usual, then you cannot escape HULDRE and this disc."
(Diario De Un Metalhead)

9 / 10
"With tons of Folk Metal in my collection, HULDRE manages it every single week to be in my playlist with at least one song … nothing but good … the band has matured even more and this album is produced very nice … although it’s Metal, the sound of HULDRE is quite clear, fitting the enchanting voice of Nanna perfectly … closing your eyes, you can imagine this Viking woman protection her tribe with her witchcraft … these unique vocals build up the nicely woven spells with the violin, hurdy-gurdy and flutes … again HULDRE made an awesome album …"

9 / 10
"The proportions between the Folk and Metal here are very well chosen, and sound perfectly matched … although the pace of cuts is not murderously-mad, it is very well timed with the melody and mood of the album and kicks ass! "Tusmørke" means "Twilight." A meaning it can have much. Great stuff !!!"
(Pest Webzine)

9 / 10
"HULDRE can create an atmosphere in less than five seconds … an atmosphere of bonfires, a mood of medieval and a mood of horror … HULDRE is not a blank band: they won the Wacken Open Air Battle finals in 2014 and came in third place at Wacken … since then they have cemented themselves as a world class Folk Metal band …"

4 / 5
"…  The songs are better, the production is better, and the entire album seems to be thoroughly worked out from start to finish … nothing is left to chance, neither musically nor visually in cover and images. If you are into Folk Metal there is no way around Huldre's 'Tusmørke' …"

8 / 10
"… Folk Metal that is very traditional and melodic … production sounds very professional …"
(A Different Shade Of Black Metal)

8 / 10
"'Tusmørke' merges Folk with Metal at a proportion that is more uniquely styled and compelling than what most of the genre is currently offering … if you want your Metal folky, yet never turned into a goofy, gimmicky approach, it’s time to get acquainted with HULDRE."
(Dead Rhetoric)

"… listening to it feels like opening a treasure chest!"
(Snooze Control)

"This album is so well thought out and executed, it’s fun and enticing … rolling from entrancing vocals to amazing instrumental solos … this album has it all and is a delight! Barsley’s vocals are just exquisite, I can’t get enough of her singing! Her voice is showcased so well in this album."
(Metal Nexus)

"In this second album HULDRE didn’t innovate, didn’t change nor complicate, they simply continued the brilliant path set on the debut work … said this way it may not sound much - but sometimes in the simplicity of actions lies the geniality of the results; “Tusmørke” it’s proof of that."
(Metal Em Portugal)

"… in a very captivating way with enormous sense of authenticity that they use not only plenty of folk instruments but also sing in Danish, while processing a lot of texts from the traditional music culture there … a very handsome constructed album that takes you to the roots of Danish folk music which they themselves upgrading to a modern unit with a very powerful sound that sounds pretty catchy and clever."

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