Freitag, 22. März 2019

Vivacious sworn freethinkers

Chicago’s AFTERMATH is one of the pioneering crossover Thrash bands of the 1980s:
a band that transformed into one of the most technical Thrash Metal bands of its time on its critically-acclaimed debut album, „Eyes Of Tomorrow“.
Its new album „There Is Something Wrong“ is an 11-song opus of TECHNICAL PROGRESSIVE THRASH METAL.
Febr. 15th, 2019:
Digital release – Zoid Entertainment – InGrooves/The Label Group
US CD release – Zoid Entertainment – The Label Group
March 15th, 2019
Official European release –
Sleaszy Rider/Zoid Entertainment

[ Cover art: Dimitri Patelis ]
A concept record in the truest sense of the word, the album features a mix of old-school crossover Thrash and technical/progressive Metal, and is a commentary on what is wrong with the world today.
01. Can You Feel It? 00:45
02. False Flag Flying 05:59
03. Diethanasia 02:47
04. Scientists And Priest 05:33
05. Smash Reset Control 03:28
06. Gaslight 04:53
07. A Handful Of Dynamite 02:25
08. Temptation Overthrown 03:34
09. Pseudocide 06:53
10. There Is Something Wrong 06:38
11. Expulsion 04:23
total: 47:18 min.

[ Pic: Peter Tsiolis ]
Kyriakos ‚Charlie‘ Tsiolis • Vocals
Steve Sacco • Guitar
George Nektarios Lagis • Bass
Ray Schmidt • Drums
A calling out of the masses to wake up and know the real enemy. The music is urgent, and the lyrics challenge the listener to seek the truth. In a world of monotonous uniformity, AFTERMATH stands out alone.

[ Pic: Peter Tsiolis ]

1994 Eyes Of Tomorrow (Full-length)
2011 25 Years of Chaos (Boxed set)
2015 Killing The Future (Re-release of 1987 demo)
2019 There Is Something Wrong (Full-length)
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Freitag, 8. März 2019

INVICTUS – Nostalgics on the height of time

2010 definitely ist the key year in the existence of this proficient youngsters. Since then, INVICTUS continuously refines their already surprisingly homogenous style, which is now presented to the broad public for the first time. 

So this wonderful melodic and dynamic POWER SPEED METAL came to existence, forged in a typical teutonic way, delivered with a lot of heart and passion. It’s pretty audible on their debut EP „Burst The Curse“ that the chemistry within the group is one of a kind.

[ Frontcover: Romoora ]
01. Burst The Curse 02:39
02. Gaia 03:22
03. Someone Out There 05:08
total: 11:09 min.

The involved songwriting was put in concrete terms in 2018. And that’s for sure, the fresh energy and intuitive originality is going to convince retro-maniacs and traditional headbangers as well with ease.
Competent guitar work will always find its listeners in Heavy Metal realms, especially if it is performed in such a fluent and appealing way as it is by the INVICTUS Shred-Duo Fabio and Andi.
Also the fact that the voice of frontman Nico sounds natural and organic throughout his whole vocal range is a pure pleasure to the Metal ear – especially considering the still dominant vintage-trend-excess with all its falsetto-orgies.

This also applies for the touching ballad „Gaia”, where the singer proves his feeling for big moments.

[ Pic: Point4Point ]
Nico • Vocals
Fabio • Guitar
Andi • Guitar
Fabi • Bass
Dave • Drums

Anyways, the heart and soul of this group is filled with the love for the golden age of Metal, where, especially in the 1980s, classic records were released almost in masses, records that build the foundation of the genre and are collectively worshipped to this day.
And the fact that INVICTUS evokes not only memories of early Priest, but also of teutonic giants like Helloween or Blind Guardian, suggests that these Bavarian newcomers carry similar qualities.
Therefore it’s safe to say, that INVICTUS will conquer their scene with the fresh and thrilling output on „Burst The Curse“ with ease. (Markus Eck)

2019: Burst The Curse (EP)
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