Montag, 24. Juli 2017

 proudly presents:

Through time and space
With exquisite influences from the areas of ambient, fusion, pop and contemporary music, these men of taste enrich their multi-faceted PROGRESSIVE METAL sound since their start in 2009.

Singer Marco Pastorino and his bandmates focus mainly on romantic melodies, surreal atmospheres and chasing rhythms.
The futuristically accentuated mixture of the Milan quintet gets rounded off by suggestive backgrounds in the emphasized harmonious soundframe.
Guitarist and band founder Valerio Æsir Villa is not only a multi-instrumentalist, he also works out the ideas for the songwriting of VIRTUAL SYMMETRY.
This way of proceeding was already proven for the 2016 debut album „Message From Eternity“.
And to their previous release, VIRTUAL SYMMETRY now tie up with the rich EP „X-Gate“.

This new EP is also dominated by all the characteristic contrasting elements that make up the epic face of the completely thought-out songs, which partly take longer time.

With skillfully sharpened, but far-reaching, cinematic mood-sheets, the passionate Italian visionaries paint their tracks on the new 3-tracker.
These songs were composed with a special emphasis on a equal balance between melody and technique, in order to take the listeners on an exciting journey between varied dynamics and touching emotions.
With her wonderfully sensitive, seamlessly integrated vocals, 19-year-old Diane Lee, who sings mainly in the Swiss act Lost Journey, ensures highly moody, dreamy moments.
VIRTUAL SYMMETRY cite on „X-Gate“ world-famous giants such as Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and Evanescence with the same independent devotion and love, as the band also pay homage to the respected work of exceptional musicians like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

The fact that despite the extensive musical range and the complex arrangements everything ultimately sounds like a single cast is the merit of the huge joy of the five-piece in liquid structures, finest details and accessible homogeneity.
Official release of „X-Gate“: June 30th, 2017.

5 / 5
„Fans of Dream Theater and Seventh Wonder can rub their hands; ‚X-Gate‘ fully confirms the enormous potential of this band, which has now jumped among my favorites of all time.“
(All Around Metal)
9 / 10
„… half hour of well-felt, well-written and undoubtedly well-sounding music.“
(Giornale Metal)
9 / 10
„It’s astonishing that VIRTUAL SYMMETRY is not more well-known, but ‚X-Gate‘ may mark a rising star in the arena of Progressive Metal and Rock.“
(Metal Utopia)
8,8 / 10
„Another beautiful band from Italy … listen without any restraint!“
(Metal Samsara)
8,5 / 10
„The excellent writing of guitarist Valerio „Æsir“ Villa, bassist Alessandro Poppale („Alchymera“) and keyboardist Mark Bravi („Elevate“, together with Villa) allows the three songs to flow in natural perfection …“
8,5 / 10
„… dramatic, epic and melancholic, emphasized by the warm voice of the nineteen-year-old Diane Lee … ‚X-Gate‘ is a must-have for lovers of Fates Warning, Royal Hunt or Queensrÿche … and for those who want to immerse themselves in an articulated and enveloping sound pattern.“
(Through The Black Hole)
8,2 / 10
„… captures, kidnaps, hypnotizes as in the best progressive tradition … remarkable work …“
(In Your Eyes)
80 / 100
„… a little gem inside the Progressive Metal underground scene in Italy … Dream Theater is therefore the main inspirational muse … a journey through intricate melodic and instrumental passages …“
(Antonio Moliterni)
80 / 100
„An exceptional rhythm section supports the hard riffs (we’ve heard a lot of Symphony X apparently) … we’ve written so much for a ’simple‘ EP, but here’s so much to hear and listen to.“
(Loud And Proud)
78 / 100
„… great goal of VIRTUAL SYMMETRY … certainly, the originality of groups like Dream Theater, Masterplan or Persephone gets underpinned.“
(Insane Voices Labirynth)
7 / 10
„X-Gate“ is a really exciting and surprisingly varied EP, on which the Italian Quintett proves its technical skills and guitarist Valerio Æsir Villa shows his songwriting arts. Pleasantly multi-layered, powerful and atmospheric, and easy to carry the listener along. “
(Der Hörspiegel)
3,5 / 5
„… promises a lot for the future of VIRTUAL SYMMETRY, these musicians are extremely talented and good at that they do. The music is incredibly cinematic as well, I like that they tried to add so many influences and turned that into their own sound.“
(Lyrical Spell)
„… high-quality Progressive Metal that does not sound old-fashioned, trendy or cheesy. Complex, independent, sophisticated …“
(Crossfire Metal)
„… it shows depth, merging the technical complexity of Fates Warning, the surreal atmosphere of Dream Theater, the emotion of Evanescence, the mystery of Queensrÿche and the theatrical cleverness of Rush.“
(Dave Wolff – Autoeroticasphyxium Zine)
„… features a perfect blend between aggression and kindness, heavyness and melody, so a everything Metal is all about. And there goes ‚X-Gate‘, sometimes more prog than heavy, sometimes more heavy than prog, but always daring and satisfying.“
(Metal Addicts)
„Leaning in technology, science-fiction, and philosophy for the words, the music takes the Dream Theater/Fates Warning template and adds in pop, electronic, and fusion aspects to make for an engaging journey overall.“
(Dead Rhetoric)

Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017

 proudly presents:


The return of darkest knowledge

HECATE ENTHRONED, the UK's longest serving and most respected BLACK METAL band have recently left the studio with another landmark recording!

One more full-length output will further cement their noble reputation for producing high quality releases.

This completely sworn collection of massively thrilling songs harks back to their grand, epic orchestral roots whilst keeping the heavy guitar sound and signature dual harmonies, blistering drums and inhuman vocals makes this album a stand out amongst classics.

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Producer Dan Abela has given it a slick and aggressive production that captures the ever changing moods of each track.

Added to this mix are the unique and haunting vocals of Sarah Jezebel Deva ( CRADLE OF FILTH, THERION, ANGTORIA ) who has recorded some of her most innovative and powerful vocals to date!

The upcoming masterpiece of HECATE ENTHRONEDdelivers a collection of outstanding tracks from a well seasoned professional band at the height of their multiple powers.


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