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Time travel straight into the early 1980s 

[ Logo: Olymp ]

Action: OLYMP
Title: Olymp
Base: Augsburg • Germany
Style: Classic Heavy/Speed Metal
Genre: Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, NWOBHM
FFO: Atlain, Stormwitch, Running Wild
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl
Label: Independent
Release: Oct. 13, 2023

OLYMP are available for interviews via phone, Zoom, Skype & email


🔘 The debut album of the Bavarian Heavy Metallers
🔘 A lively and affectionate homage to the 80s
🔘 Powerful songs full of joy, dynamics and dedication
[ Official album trailer ]

OLYMP is not just a myth, but rather true teutonic CLASSIC HEAVY/SPEED METAL.
Driving riffs in traditional 80´s style, will make your heads bang wild.

The whole is literally old school to the bone. The roaring bass and striking twin-leads will raise even the last sceptic to the peak of Olympus.

[ Pic: Christian Wieser ]

Butschi • Guitar, Vocals
Armin • Guitar
André • Bass
Dommi • Drums

Since the beginning of 2018, Butschi (guitars, vocals), André (bass), Armin (guitars) and Dommi (drums) have been working on original songs in their rehearsal room.

OLYMP emphasize their ambitions to reach the Olympus of the Metal gods by their longtime stage experience and the upcoming release of „Olymp“, their 2023 debut album.

[ Artwork: Giulia Schmidt-Kaiser ]

01. Hades 04:26
02. Death And Glory 04:40
03. Icarus 06:03
04. Hero 04:48
05. City Of Gods 05:02
06. Pandora 03:54
07. Fire And Fury 06:53
08. Metal Priest 03:02

total: 38:48 min.


8 / 10
➤ „… absolute pearl … key appeal: I just couldn’t resist the charm of the cover artwork … refreshingly different … somewhere between Angel Witch and Agent Steel the debut album of the Germans entertains non-stop … they actually always find their way into my ear … remarkably creative riffs and solos …“

7,5 / 10
➤ „… OLYMP do their thing really well … know how to turn the Heavy/Speed Metal wheel, how to keep it turning … you can hear the passion of the guys in every minute, as well as the years of work that went into ‚Olymp‘ … powerful riffs, crisp drums and a shouter who performs vocally dirty and raw, as it was just cool and hip in the 80s … I have my fun with the sound and fans of the genre certainly also … extra praise for the very cult cover artwork!“

➤ „In the spirit of the 80s, this German Metal sensation creates a sonic universe that combines nostalgia and freshness in a stunning potpourri … epic! … masterpiece … impressive time travel … the driving riffs, the booming bass and the characteristic twin leads are all there … truly ‚old school to the bone‘ … a compact but powerful experience that will surely make hearts beat faster …“
(Metaller DE)

➤ „… this thing makes fun (and thirsty) from front to back with its hearty eighties mix of Omen, Maiden, Running Wild and Grave Digger …“
(Rock Hard DE)

➤ „… sounds so original and old school that it’s hard to believe they haven’t been around since the 80s … with such drive and lots of love and not least dedication and ability … almost a time machine straight back to the 80s …“
(Rancor Metalzine)

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