Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

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Freak show of special class!
SCARLET ANGER returns with an impressive new collection of songs!

The Luxembourg based THRASH METAL act around singer Joe Block shows imposing size with highly original material.
And so so independently, rich in identity and intuitive advancing as SCARLET ANGER do on "Freak Show", very few representatives of the Thrash guild play.

The enormously diverse songwriting for "Freak Show"became even more catchy, darker and this time even mysterious designed.
And that allows plenty of room for unique, exciting atmospheres and moods.

Even with the sound of the new album the extremely playful guys move to high ground because JENS BOGREN took over the mastering in the famous Fascination Street Studios.
With "Freak Show" the constant quintet can go now for the big strike!

• SCARLET ANGER is a Luxembourgish THRASH METAL band, founded in 2007 by vocalist Joe Block and guitarist Fred Molitor.

• Their first gigs were followed quite quickly by the release of a first EP, called „La Realidad Es Triste...“, whose successor"Kill The King" made the band noticeable on an international level for the first time.

• Being more aggressive and fast than its predecessor, "Kill The King" didn’t just earn a lot of critical acclaim but also gained the attention of the German label Dust On The Tracks. This led to a worldwide record deal for the first album "Dark Reign", which was mastered by ANNIHILATOR's JEFF WATERS and released by Dust On The Tracks Records in May 2012.

• SCARLET ANGER presented their new album on numerous small and established festivals like the Durbuy Rock Festival and the Extremefest.

• In between their shows, SCARLET ANGER started gathering first ideas for the successor to "Dark Reign". Classic eighties and nineties comics and horror stories served as their main inspiration for what would later become their second album "Freak Show".

• Mastered by JENS BOGREN (Fascination Street Studios), the new album has a more melodic approach.

• "Freak Show" will be released on March 18th 2016 via Hänsel & Gretel / MIG Music.


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