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🔘 New EP from the German Swamp Metal obsessives
🔘 Grandiose mix of Heavy Metal, Stoner and Doom
🔘 Visionary creations, full of delightful contrasts

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Asmoday • Vocals
Solas • Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Baka • Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Garmr • Bass
Baal • Drums

Title: II
Base: Eberswalde • Germany
Style: Heavy Metal
Genre: Heavy Metal, Stoner Metal, Doom Metal
FFO: Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Armored Saint
Type: EP
Format: CD + Vinyl + Digital
Label: metalloscope music
Distro: /
Release: May 15, 2024

Visionarily inspired and imaginatively filled with monolithic stories about heaven and hell, the infinite universe, dark mythology and the unfathomable depths of the human psyche, HELL IN THE SKIES create a whole cosmos of timeless qualities.

And so things got off to a powerful start right from the beer-fuelled founding ritual – the midnight hammer blows could be heard as far away as nearby Berlin when the initials H.I.T.S. were carved deep into unholy stone in the swamps of Eberswalde in 2017.

Through the eclipsing fusion of Metal, Stoner and Doom, HELL IN THE SKIES subsequently brought their fiercely sweaty Swamp Metal to thousands of lustful ears – including perfectly happy classic black Sabbath disciples.

Singer Asmoday turns his innermost self inside out in „Vicious Scorn“:
„I experienced a dark and mystical vision of a metaphysical nature, in which the fervent summoning of dark demons from the past took a fatal course. The spirit of evil could be captured and channeled, putting the evoker in a high position to take over all control. Such bundled negativity was purposefully transformed into a higher power … a vicious army full of bitter hatred finally roamed the land like an infernally angry mob …“

HELL IN THE SKIES take a deeper look in „Fields Of Betrayal“:
„As the title of the song symbolises in advance, it is about the humanly weighty subject of betrayal. Listeners are welcome to use their imaginative powers of imagination and merge completely with the mystical atmosphere of the song. In terms of content, we have deliberately left plenty of room for interpretation so that listeners can develop their own ideas as freely as possible. ‚Fields Of Betrayal‘ can be projected onto any situation and event in life.“

As grim narrators of the dark, they present their artistic self-image. Yes, these evocative creators of their very own SWAMP METAL audibly feel called to higher things. And with the unmistakable and hypnotically organic sound of their truly unique compositions, these instinctive masters guarantee a truly powerful (live) experience.

The new EP „II“ presents six magnificently powerful and richly contrasting compositions, which are also consistently convincing vocally – after all, every second is bursting with sincere and honest authenticity:

[ Artwork: Voidgazer ]

01. Fields Of Betrayal (04:36)
02. Riotous Uproar (05:02)
03. Vicious Scorn (06:29)
04. Sad & Done (04:06)
05. Mental Asylum (04:02)
06. Prince Of Wallachia (05:29)

total: 29:47 min.

As the brilliantly attuned five-piece’s cursed, catchy style gets straight into your blood in a magical way, the formation is able to infect their concert audiences effortlessly time and time again – once you’ve been there, you’ll never be able to forget the intensity and fervor of these thoroughly obsessed maniacs who are passionate about what they do.

Even when HELL IN THE SKIES share the stage with longer-established scene greats, they know how to inspire those in attendance with a captivatingly authentic performance, whereby both young and old souls are only too happy to be converted by the overall sound, which welds together several decades of hard music.

2018 • s/t • Full-length
2024 • II • EP

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10 / 10
➤ „… six very differently structured songs, which Black Sabbath fans of the first hour in particular will be able to get a lot out of … Asmoday’s vocal range is remarkable, even in extreme ranges he sounds terrific. Not only once is he so close to one of the most charismatic voices ever that you could bet that some people would mistake him for Ozzy Osbourne … a contender for the year’s throne …“

9,3 / 10
➤ „Already the opener ‚Fields Of Betrayal‘ really sweeps me away with its groove … ‚Riotous Uproar‘ then comes along with a decent shot of doom … ‚Vicious Scorn‘, where I have the feeling that I have to go to mass right away (but is it Sabbath already today?) … powerful Metal … a delicacy …“
(Time For Metal)

8,9 / 10
➤ „… honest and direct songwriting … authentic and straightforward … shine right from the start with metallic heaviness and an infectious Pantera groove, with the opener ‚Fields Of Betrayal‘ really picking up the pace. The rough yet melodic vocals are really spot-on, as are the classic solos, which further enhance the material … plenty of appealing songwriting … consistently beautiful drive …“
(Zephyr’s Odem)

8,5 / 10
➤ „… catchy riffs and groovy rhythms … warm and voluminous soundscape … expressive vocals … welcome and warm-hearted variety … exciting mix that loses none of its energy even after repeated listening …“

8 / 10
➤ „… groovy Metal with concise vocals as well as energetic riffs and hypnotic rhythms … Pantera and Black Sabbath … cracks, grooves, simply makes you want more. If you like expressive Metal without blinkers, this release is highly recommended and should be put on your turntable.“
(SLAM Alternative Music Magazine)

7,5 / 10
➤ „Genuine Swamp Metal can’t seem to generate enough hits … a mixture of Stoner and classic Heavy Metal with the decisive touch of Doom … grim and radiant …“

7,5 / 10
➤ „… Black Sabbath are an undeniable influence … those who move through the Metal worlds without prejudice could discover something like an upcoming insider tip with HELL IN THE SKIES …“

7,5 / 10
➤ „… musicians who have mastered their craft and a versatile vocal performance … ranging from clear classic Black Sabbath style doom vocals to raw aggressive rock vocals …“
(Rock Garage DE)

7,5 / 10
➤ „… I am often reminded of Black Sabbath. But Black Label Society, Type O Negative or Pantera also come to mind. I would place HELL IN THE SKIES somewhere between Southern Rock, seventies proto-Metal and Stoner. They play with dynamics and have a real feel for exciting songs.“

➤ „… brilliant stuff … crushingly heavy … amazing … for fans of Sabbath, Down and classic Metallica …“
(Iridium Rock And Metal Reviews)

➤ „… awesome riffs, great variety … is sure to satisfy fans of the heydays of Heavy Metal … great …“
(Wanna Hear a Great Song Today?)

➤ „… well sung … the burner … comparisons with Warrior Soul and Armored Saint … cool … fun …“
(Scream For Metal)

➤ „… once again prove their musical versatility and talent for powerful Heavy Metal … emotional and powerful lyrics … rousing journey through dark and fascinating worlds … unique soundscape … ‚II‘ is a must for all lovers looking for a profound and captivating musical experience …“

➤ „… a good portion of time-honored Armored Saint … the strong vocals of singer Asmoday are reminiscent of the wonderful John Bush … a portion of psychedelic radiance … a hint of Ozzy fragrance in the top note … powerful and with a direct sound … HELL IN THE SKIES have potential, the character-giving vocals, the snappy guitars and the powerful rhythm backbone harmonize and entertain, especially when the doom brake is out of action …“
(Metal Inside)

➤ „… a wonderful round of catchy and crunchy old school Heavy Metal … nice mix with Stoner and Doom … let yourself be carried away …“
(Rancor Metalzine)

➤ „… really accessible, and the vocals are catchier than the plague. The EP is well-balanced and engaging, with variety and room to breathe between ideas …“
(Metal Eclipse Reviews)

➤ „… a spiraling amalgamation of classic Rock and pummeling Doom that will set the imagination in flight. Fans of Black Sabbath and Alice in Chains will be over the moon and into the stratosphere when encountering the thrilling reprieves … amazing band on the rise!“
(Highwire Daze)

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