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„VIII • Immortal Euphoria!“

Artwork: Fastner & Larson

Quality instead of quantity, class instead of mass!

„VIII • Immortal Euphoria!“, the successor to the 2019 released compilation „VII • Respect The Steel“, proudly presents 15 Rock & Metal hopefuls, once again far off the undignified constructed mainstream.

The classic designed cover artwork comes from the capable hands of Minnesota based illustrators Steve Fastner & Rich Larson.
The duo with the original style already provided album covers for bands like Overkill, Intruder and Powermad.

As always compiled with immense love, dedication and effort, the exquisite qualitative style variation of „VIII • Immortal Euphoria!“ ranges from diverse, crisp Rock styles to epically uplifting Heavy Metal, deeply touching Doom Metal, whipping Thrash Metal and catchy Melodic Death Metal to gripping atmospheric Black Metal:

METAL is the MESSAGE … and the MESSAGE is LOUD !

01. ROCKIN‘ ENGINE (Canada) „Let It Burn“
02. ANTRISCH (Germany) „Gipfelfieber“
03. UNDER SIEGE (Italy) „Sotto Assedio“
04. CULT OF SALEM (Germany) „Anthem To An Outer God“
05. COLDUN (Germany) „Grand Sun Ritual“
06. VARUS (Germany) „Tränk dein Herz“
07. HARDLAND (Netherlands) „Rise And Shine“
08. LORDS OF SALEM (Germany) „Hell Over Salem“
09. THE FIFTH HORSEMAN (Germany) „The Void“
10. TASKFORCE TOXICATOR (Germany) „Reborn In Thrash“
11. NEMESIS SOPOR (Germany) „Eis zu Stein I – Wind“
12. SNAKEWINE (Germany) „Black Hood“
13. ON ATLAS‘ SHOULDERS (Germany) „The Executioner“
14. RAVENFIELD (Germany) „Self Destruction“
15. HAND OF KALLIACH (Scotland) „White Horizon“ 

released April 18, 2021

Cover art: Fastner & Larson

Compilation Overview:

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