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Debut album "Existence Exiled", released on May 1, 2018. 
A true masterpiece … with this steady & diversified mix of classical Black & Death Metal elements and ear-catching melodies, FROM ASHES REBORN is equipped to ignite raging moshpits and satisfy listeners with a faible for melodic Extreme Metal.

01. Mai 2018

01. The Onerous Truth 01:16
02. Fight For The Light 04:48
03. Follow The Rising 03:54
04. The Essence Of Emptiness 05:42
05. Infected 03:35
06. Existence Exiled 03:56
07. Homicidal Rampage 05:05
08. The Splendid Path 03:21

total: 31:37 min.

Ronni (vocals)
Dirk (lead & solo guitar)
Sebastian (rhythm guitar & backing vocals)
Tobias (bass)
Thomas (drums)

2018 Existence Exiled (full-length)

Logo design by Chistophe Szpajdel (Lord of the Logos)
Cover art by Chris Cold

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Media feedback:
"'Existence Exiled' is full of fist-pumping riffs, crisp solos and pummeling drums … and by traveling light and not overstaying their welcome, the album flies by, making it easy to digest and enjoy many times over … the professional, balanced production is just icing on the cake."
(Angry Metal Guy) 


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